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To Your Overall Health and Vitality

General Dentistry Watertown SDThere are a number of studies linking heart disease, strokes, and other serious conditions to gum disease. This research demonstrates that dental health is more than just a nice smile and no toothaches. From having strong teeth to properly chew, to healthy protective gums, excellent dental health is an important part of the overall wellness and vitality of your body. In recognition of the importance of dental health, we have implemented a revolutionary new process that goes beyond the “diagnose and repair problems” approach that is often seen in the dental profession. With this process, your dental health (and particularly your gum health) is tracked on graphs from visit to visit and maintained with our computer, where you have a visual dental history. From there, you and the doctor can set health goals. Our practice works with you, much like a coach or trainer, in achieving those goals.

Professional Cleanings Contribute to Your Good Health

We recommend having your teeth cleaned at regular intervals by a hygienist to maintain overall health. Regular brushing may remove most plaque, but sometimes hard-to-reach areas are missed, allowing plaque and tartar buildup. Regular brushing or flossing can’t remove it, and if tartar accumulates in gum pockets, you take a chance of developing periodontal (gum) disease. Medical research has made connections between serious health problems of stroke, diabetes, and heart conditions with untreated gum disease. Please take our advice seriously for your best dental health.

Dental Care for Our Oldest Patients

Senior Dental Care Watertown SDOur teeth and gums develop wear, tear, and age, just like our bodies do. Years of use in chewing, drinking caffeine, smoking, and taking medications can add up. Teeth may be worn down and uneven. Dark stains can’t be removed with daily brushing. And the flow of saliva through the mouth may be reduced by medications.

Fillings loosen and allow the start of decay on the tooth or even at the roots. Teeth may have hairline fractures from old fillings that need replacement. Regular visits allow us to keep on top of any of these problems. Gum disease and root decay are also very common conditions for seniors and require fast attention. If you experience loose teeth, bleeding, or inflamed and red gums, please contact us immediately.

Root Canal Therapy to Save Teeth

No longer does a tooth with infected roots require extraction. We now know that removal of a tooth can cause other problems that can be avoided by restoring the tooth with a root canal. Our dentists are highly experienced in the latest developments of this therapy. In the past, patients often dreaded having to have this procedure. But with today’s techniques and modern anesthesia, it is very manageable and easy for a patient.

During this procedure, the interior pulp chamber of a tooth is removed and replaced with a filling material, not the same as used for cavity restoration. Sometimes a crown is then positioned over the tooth to give it added strength.

TMJ/TMD Pain Relief

TMJ Treatment Watertown SDA dental malocclusion means that your upper and lower dental arches (or bite) do not properly mesh. This can be the reason for headaches, popping or sore jaws, and shoulder and neck pain. Sometimes teeth have been worn down over time or the jaws are not properly positioned. Tension in the muscles around the jaw joint result in various types of pain or discomfort. Often people get used to their pain and do not realize how it lessens the quality of their life. We have techniques that can restore your bite to its natural position, and you can be relieved of these problems to feel more energetic and smile more often.

For Those Who Are Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic

Diabetic Dental Care Watertown SDDid you know about the link between your dental health and the ability to successfully control blood sugar levels? And were you aware that not all dentists are equally prepared to help diabetics with their dental health? Untreated gum disease worsens diabetes and diabetes makes your gum disease worse. It’s a vicious cycle. You’ll be happy to know that we have received special training for your dental care. Call us for a complimentary consultation about dentistry for diabetics. No one here will ever scold you for having put off dental treatment. You can be assured of compassionate and non-judgmental care. We can help you.

Oral Cancer – Reduce the Risk

It’s an often unknown statistic that oral cancer causes one American death each hour. For over 40 years, this mortality rate hasn’t changed. However, there is some good news. Early detection means a 90% cure rate for oral cancer. That’s why we conduct a visual screening for oral cancer at every six-month checkup and cleaning. If the hygienist or doctor sees anything that gives them reason for concern, they’ll refer you to an oral surgeon. This screening could literally be lifesaving.

Do You Experience Bad Breath?

It can not only ruin your social life, it’s often a sign of more serious dental health problems. Gum disease could be present with chronic bad breath. Major advances in the diagnosis and treatment of bad breath have encouraged us to add a Fresh Breath Center to the practice. Fresh breath can be yours!

If it’s time for your routine cleaning, or if you’re ready to schedule a no-cost/no-obligation consultation, please call us now at (605) 882-0747.