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Children's Dentistry Watertown SDYour Kids Will Be Comfortable in Our Care!

Our doctors’ friendly and caring natures allow children to feel at ease during their visits. We use the latest methods in children’s dentistry and deliver them in a thoughtful and compassionate way. We teach kids how to maintain their teeth with proper daily dental hygiene so they can keep their natural teeth for life. We enjoy meeting them for their first visit at age one and look forward to all their visits as they grow older.

You can be assured we are capable of helping your children, regardless of their age, feel comfortable at our practice. We want current and future generations of children to be anxiety-free while sitting in the dental chair. And parents have told us that we’re achieving that goal! Whether your child is anxious or rambunctious, we can help them relax and enjoy their visits.

A Healthy Start is More Than Clean Teeth

Many children suffer from sleep-disordered breathing, which can result in a long list of symptoms that affect their everyday lives. We are now working with the Healthy Start program, which uses oral appliance therapy to encourage healthy jaw and airway growth. Learn more on our Healthy Start page!

Children’s Teeth Can be Prone to Cavities

We teach and encourage good dental hygiene habits for all our young patients. Their teeth are especially susceptible to cavities during their early years. They do not always brush well without parental supervision. We recommend that parents be a part of their daily dental care to ensure they do a good job at brushing. Kids also often eat throughout the day, referred to as grazing. Each time food is present, acid is produced in the mouth. Additional exposure to these acids can increase cavities if teeth are not brushed properly.

Also, uncleaned teeth cause ongoing acid production, which will not only increase the number of cavities, but the speed at which they develop. We encourage a healthier selection of foods and better daily care. One application of a fluoride varnish to children’s and adolescents’ teeth is also recommended to reduce cavities.

Dental Sealants Dentist Watertown SDDental Sealants for Cavity Preventive Treatment in Children

Even meticulous brushing and flossing may not clean the back teeth thoroughly. As bacteria build up and teeth are exposed to more acid, plaque forms and eventually creates cavities. Even the smallest cavity is permanent damage that will require a restoration. The good news is there is a quick and easy way to aid in cavity prevention. Dental sealants that are applied when a patient is still in his or her formative years have demonstrated a big reduction in the development of cavities.

After the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, a clear coat of sealant material is applied to the surface of each tooth. A curing light bonds the application to the tooth. And that is the entire procedure! There is no tooth reduction, shots, or drilling required. It is completely painless and takes only minutes to apply. This treatment is one of the best techniques for children and adolescents to preserve their teeth throughout life.

Everyone deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (605) 882-0747 to schedule a visit for your family.