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“I have avoided going to the dentist for much longer than I care to admit out of fear. I will admit that I have a fear of dental work but my experience this week was wonderful! Due to my avoiding a dentist, I have extensive work to be completed. I started this past week with a root canal, followed by a build up and crown and also a tooth extraction. This seems like a lot but I had a toothache for the past few weeks and I was looking forward to this being over. I can’t tell you how great this was! Dr. Bach and his staff were super pleasant. They explain everything as they go, their voices are pleasant and you see lots of smiles! The dental work was relatively painless and I think the most discomfort I experienced was being in the chair that long...which was my choice. I have more work to complete but I will have much less anxiety from this point on! Thank you Watertown Dental Care for a great experience!!” – Lola

      Dr. Bach is extremely gentle and explains procedures well!” – Tena W.

“I have seen many other dentists in my lifetime and after seeing Dr. Bach, I will go NO where else! There isn’t another office that provides the compassionate care that his whole staff provides. From the time of the call for the appointment clear through the completed procedure, everyone was very compassionate and caring. I have and will continue to recommend Watertown Dental Care to anyone who is needing a dentist.” – Tamara

“What can I say, but my heartfelt thanks for the care you gave me. My front tooth looks and feels great. Dr. Darin Bach is so kind and gentle when he works on a patient’s tooth. I could not ask for better care. The gals at the reception desk and the assistants are friendly and show compassion for all their patients. I feel so welcomed when I have an appointment. Also, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE LOAF OF BREAD. My car had a wonderful bakery smell all the way home. The raisin cinnamon bread was and is delicious. What thoughtful people you are. I thank God for all you do for me and for others. Do take care. Thanks again for the care you gave me.” – Sandie

“I had a great experience at Watertown Dental Care. Before my visit, I was in constant pain. It was nice having everything done at once. I’ve always had a slight fear of going to the dentist, but Dr. Bach and his staff made me feel comfortable while I was there and I knew I was in good hands. I don’t remember much about my visit, or the rest of the day for that matter, but Dr. Bach personally called my husband to see how I was doing. I don’t know of any other dentist that would care about his patient enough to make that personal phone call. I will definitely be back thanks to Dr. Bach and his friendly staff!” – Michelle L.

“Thank you for the comfortable experience yesterday. I did not feel one tooth being pulled. It went so fast and I felt no discomfort. Only way to go!” – Val A.

      My personal experience was wonderful.” – Rhonda H.

“I like the fact that the work can be completed in one appointment. Since we live 1 ½ hours from Watertown, the fewer trips, the better! I also like the fact that there is no pain and the entire day is kind of like a dream, you don’t remember much of it. Everyone at Dr. Bach’s office is friendly and caring. They all know how sensitive my teeth are and what a big CHICKEN I am! Thanks to all!” – Kandice B.

“Thank you for making my dental experience a positive one! I was in need of seeing a dentist for numerous dental problems and the doctor and his staff were so friendly and kind! I am in need of a second visit with sedation and I’m not nervous at all for the follow up visit. Thank you all for making me feel at ease in your ‘chair!’ ‘I’ll be back!’ I’m looking forward to having a beautiful smile again!” – Janie F.

“Even though I was first time patient, I was treated like an old friend. Everyone was helpful and courteous, made me feel at ease.” – Anonymous

“Everyone I met with was kind and courteous. Each person explained exactly what was going to take place and made sure I understood the ‘dental talk.’” – Chrissy H.

“Dr. Bach and his team were very kind and caring. They made me very, very comfortable. I am so happy I found such a great dentist. I had a great experience.” – Robin H.

      Thank you for making my dental experience a positive one!” – Janie F.

“My personal experience was wonderful. The entire office is staffed with kind, considerate and understanding people who went way out of their way to make it possible for me to have the procedure done using sedation dentistry. I had no one to take me to the appointment so they arranged for a motel; provided transportation to the motel; and even had a cab come to take me back to my car. Two staff members checked on me at the motel to be sure I was ok. The procedure was easy and painless. I had two teeth extracted and was expecting to be very sore and swollen. There was very little swelling. My mouth was somewhat tender but all in all I would say there were fewer after effects than I have observed in others who have gone the traditional route. The procedure itself was virtually painless. To me the best part is that I now have a dentist to go to where I know I will receive the best possible care and with total confidence and no fear of pain.” – Rhonda H.

“My experience with Dr. Bach and his staff has been very good. They have been very considerate of my dental problems. I had five crowns and several fillings done during my sedation appointment. I experienced no pain and have done very well since my sedation. I would recommend it to anyone. The follow-up has been great also. They take good care of their patients.” – Janet H.

“Everyone is so very helpful, personable, and very nice! I actually like coming to the dentist now! The Bach Family Dentist office is great. It is always a joy to see the staff.” – Darci J.

“They were very polite and courteous and concerned about my needs. They recognized me every time I was in. Everything went like they planned. I will be back as well as my family.” – Elton J.

“I was treated with respect by Dr. Darin and his assistants. An orderly plan was set up to fix my dental problems. After a few appointments with little discomfort I can smile again. I have been treated very well at your clinic and I thank you.” – Roland R.

“The Bach Dental team is caring and very helpful. They help you feel at ease and comfortable with the surroundings. I felt totally safe and was free of worries. I would recommend Bach Family Dental to anyone and everyone!” – Lynn S.J.

      I will definitely be back thanks to Dr. Bach and his friendly staff!” – Michelle L.

“In the last year my experience has improved each time I walked through the door! I don’t stress about an appointment for two weeks before I go any more. I actually look forward to cleaning appointments because there is no longer any pain involved and I honestly feel better afterward. I have even had some major procedures done now that I just couldn’t tolerate without sedation. I wasn’t sick at all afterward and the pain control prescribed was perfect.” – Shari S.

“My sedation appointment was the best choice I could’ve made! It went so well! I was a high fear patient and this method was perfect for myself and others who put off dental treatments. Bach Family caught my eye after I received a ‘Welcome to Watertown’ letter. Every employee has given me the utmost personal attention! Dr. Bach is extremely gentle and explains procedures well!” – Tena W.