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Three-Dimensional Dentistry with the Cone Beam

3-D Digital Dentistry Watertown SDWe are excited to be one of the first practices in the area to use 3-D cone beam CT digital imaging technology. Think of this as a three-dimensional X-ray that is much more accurate than traditional X-rays, takes much less time and does everything with much less radiation exposure.

One big advantage to ultra cone beam images when diagnosing patients and evaluating treatment options is the dentist’s ability to clearly see the patient’s anatomy in 3-D, instead of flat, two-dimensional images. This leads to higher accuracy for all dental treatment, especially implant placement and any oral surgeries.

Laser Scanner for Early Cavity Detection

Laser Scanner Watertown SDHaving the dentist locate a large cavity is a surprise when you had a check-up just six months earlier with no sign of any cavities. The truth is, that cavity was already there before but couldn’t be detected.

Our dentists use the laser scanner to identify cavities when they are in the early stages and can be easily removed and replaced with small bonded filling. The laser scanner accurately pinpoints the problem for the right treatment, instead of symptoms of pain being improperly diagnosed. We want to keep more of your natural teeth intact, and using the laser scanner allows us to easily diagnose and provide less-invasive dentistry.

Introducing Laser Dental Procedures

Dental lasers are FDA-approved and provide an exciting new way to reduce discomfort during dental procedures. Treatments that were previously performed with scalpels or incisions can now be completed with a laser. Less-invasive treatment means better results and faster healing. We are able to cosmetically treat uneven gummy smile lines, clean and re-contour inflamed tissue around crowns, halt gum disease, and heal painful canker sores and mouth ulcers with instant relief! The results are absolutely unbelievable!

No More Cavities – Ever! Is This Even Possible?

Cavity Prevention Watertown SDCavities are caused by a bacterial infection known as “caries.” This infection is not only treatable, but preventable. Dr. Bach and Dr. Conroy use the CariFree™ program. CariFree was developed to help patients become cavity-free by assessing their risks for dental disease, diagnosing the presence of the bacterial caries infection that causes cavities, and treating the infection using preventive medical techniques.

Our doctors would much rather help patients prevent cavities and improve their oral health before it becomes invasive and costly, and the CariFree program has been effective in doing just that. During your visit you will receive a “caries risk assessment.” We will evaluate whether you have the factors present that can put you at risk for tooth decay. You will then be given at-home instructions and the products necessary to help keep you and your family cavity free.

The Importance of Infection Control in a Dental Office

Without proper sterilization of water lines it’s possible to spread contaminants, which can be dangerous. Here at Watertown Dental Care, we take this very seriously. We use a system called DentaPure™. It’s the same purification system used on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. This advanced system keeps our water lines free from possible contaminants.

State-of-the-Art Sterilization

Sterilization is taken very seriously in our office. In addition to cleaning and sterilizing all instruments after every use, single-use tools are used where needed. Instruments are sterilized after each patient with a special unit called an autoclave, which is regularly monitored by an independent lab to ensure the highest level of safety and cleanliness. Your health is far too important for us to take even the slightest risk.

Digital X-rays Without a Wait

Digital Dental X-Rays Watertown SDDigital X-rays are fast and easy. Just one panoramic image will include both the upper and lower jaws. A digital sensor is placed in your mouth and an image is downloaded and available for viewing on our computer screen immediately. Digital also means less radiation – 75% less than conventional X-rays! As there is no need for film development, there is no chemical waste used that can pollute the environment.

Isolite™ Makes it Easy for Patient Visits

Isolite is a development in dental technology that makes dental care more comfortable. It works as both a suction device and a bright light to remove shadows within your mouth for increased accuracy during procedures. As modern dentistry needs the treatment area to be dry, Isolite maintains a dry field, replacing the use of a bulky, uncomfortable rubber dam.

What is Oral DNA Testing?

Recent studies and tests have shown a strong connection between gum disease and other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some forms of cancer. In our practice we take this seriously. We utilize oral DNA testing to determine any genetic predisposition our patients may have toward inflammatory gum infections. Oral DNA testing allows us to determine not only if a patient is susceptible to gum disease but also the types of bacteria in the mouth so the patient can be treated more effectively. These tests are quick, painless and non-invasive. And they enable us to create a treatment program specifically for you.

Worried About Knocking Out a Tooth?

Athletic Mouthguards Watertown SDDid you know that about 5 million teeth are knocked out yearly in the United States alone? Many sports can be dangerous without good protection. The one-size-fits-all mouthguards found in stores don’t fit very well. Wearing these, proper breathing can be a struggle while running during sports. On the other hand, custom-made sports mouthguards fit well, protect well, and can be worn for any sport. The American Dental Association recommends wearing custom mouthguards for the following sports: basketball, boxing, football, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, rugby, shotputting, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, soccer, surfing, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, and wrestling.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable visit to the dentist. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, contact us today at (605) 882-0747.