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Orthodontics Dentist Watertown SDEarly Detection of Bite Problems Allows for Easier Correction

Wearing braces does not just straighten teeth but corrects the more serious problem of a malocclusion (bite disorder). Treatment at an early age can reduce the need for orthodontics or sometimes eliminate the need for braces. When this issue is detected at an early age, it allows for permanent teeth to come together properly. Young children are at an advantage to more easily correct this condition, as their bone is more pliable than an adult’s.

Our doctors are highly qualified and use the latest techniques to make orthodontics comfortable and more attractive than ever before. What used to take 3 to 5 years for treatment is now 6 to 24 months! Length of time does vary according to personal needs and goals.

Giving Them a Healthy Start

Did you know that orthodontics and sleep-disordered breathing are connected? We use HealthyStart™ oral appliance therapy to encourage proper growth and development of the jaw, which in turn allows an open airway for proper breathing. Learn more on our Healthy Start page!

Orthodontics – More Than Just Straightening Teeth

Braces do more than just give you a smile with straighter teeth. Often teeth and jaws develop improperly, resulting in a poor bite that causes other problems. We offer specially designed oral appliances that guide the jaw and teeth into correct alignment. Having corrections of an overbite (upper teeth come over lower teeth), underbite (lower teeth are forward of upper teeth), and crossbite (teeth overlap on the sides) are more easily taken care of as a child or adolescent, which helps to prevent more serious problems as an adult.

Six Month Smiles Watertown SDStraight Teeth, Fast, With Six Month Smiles™

If you never had braces as a child but needed them, you may still be hiding your smile. Many adults would love to have a beautiful smile with straight, even teeth, but cannot commit to long-term correction with standard braces.

You will be very happy to learn about Six Month Smiles™, an innovative technique that changes only the teeth that are noticeable in the front of your smile. This accelerated method takes care of overlapping, crowding, and gaps in just six months and sometimes even less!

These braces are hardly noticeable because the brackets are clear and the wires white or clear. They work with a low-force method and are comfortable to wear. The shorter duration allows for better hygiene for a clean look when treatment is completed. And Six Month Smiles is a very affordable option – less expensive than veneers, aligners, or traditional braces. Be ready to welcome your new smile in just six months!

Are you ready for the smile you’ve always wanted? We can schedule a complimentary orthodontics consultation to find out your best options. Call (605) 882-0747 today.